We are committed to sharing information about our vaccination plans for our communities. The side effects, if any, have been mild, and it has a very high rate of effectiveness (90 to 95%).

While our plans and protocols will evolve as we receive more information about the vaccine, we wanted to outline the updates we do know and how it affects our communities of residents and associates. It is going to take several months to get everyone vaccinated.

We know you are seeking reliable information. That’s why we’ve developed a series of FAQs related to the COVID-19 vaccine that we plan to update as we have more information. In addition, we urge you to check out the fact sheet from the CDC: "8 Things to Know About Vaccine Planning."

General Updates:

  • We are partnering with local pharmacies to supply and administer the vaccine for our residents and associates.
  • We are partnering with a pharmacy because the vaccines have specific storage and administration requirements.
  • Our residents and associates are in Phase 1 (top priority) for vaccine distribution.
  • We strongly encourage residents and associates to be vaccinated.
  • There is not a specific timeframe of when the vaccine will be available to our residents and associates.
  • As soon as the vaccine is approved and our supplier receives its allotment, we will share more information.
  • We don’t have a date for when the vaccine will be administered to our residents and associates, but we will keep you informed.

Vaccine Recommendations from the CDC

The CDC recommends residents of long-term health care facilities be included among those offered the first supply of COVID-19 vaccines. Learn more on the CDC’s website here:

The CDC also recommends health care personnel be among those offered the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Health care personnel include all paid and unpaid persons serving in health care settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials.

This recommendation pertains to paid and unpaid health care personnel working in a variety of health care settings – for example, acute care facilities, long-term acute care facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, home health care, mobile clinics, and outpatient facilities, such as dialysis centers and physicians’ offices. Learn more on the CDC’s website here: